Rapid Growth?

Are you a growing business? You’re not sure where to add people, or you’ve added people but lost track of whether your structure is operating as efficiently as possible? Are your technical experts now people leaders? Are you creating positions for individuals rather than business needs?

Rapid Growth is an exciting time for any business. Whether you’re about to embark on it or are coming out the other end; this is a time to focus on organising your people and structure for efficiency, clarity and accountability.

Our Growth package aligns your structure to your strategy, your people accountable to results, transitions managers to leaders all whilst ensuring the best, most effective use of your budget.

Outcomes of our Growth Package includes:

Right roles – Organisational Structure aligned to Strategy

Right people matched to the right roles

Role Clarity – Position Descriptions with measurable outcomes/KPIs

Performance Evaluation Framework

Management and Individual Reporting Framework

Developing on the challenges specific to your business, other Strategic HR services may be recommended.

Why Performance HR?

Practical & Straightforward

We translate the complexity into practical, value driven people solutions that support your business and achieve results. No fluff.

Results for your Business

We understand the challenges of running a business and tailor solutions that will work for you.


We act as an extension of your business and a true business partner. Call us when you need and we will be ready.

Our People, Business, Results philosophy guides our approach to tailoring people solutions that fit your business to deliver results.

Need practical and results driven HR support for your business?

A partner you can trust.